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November 25, 2008



Thanks Wm. Great story, great artifact. Please keep 'em coming!

Ray Zinnbrazen

WOW. I never even knew this one existed. You keep surprising me, William, my man!

I still have all my old Gamma Rays tapes and also the video on which I taped all three parts of M.F.'s "expose" on Channel 2 News. Now THOSE were some truly unhinged times.




Loved the Spitters - BIG TIME. Saw a little blurb about them in some metal mag in the early nineties and the writer described their live shows as such that I became obsessed. I stumbled across their self titled EP and was hooked.
Thanks for this!


Two people sent me this link and I just got to look at it now. I have one of these Mel Torment tapes. I'm going to scan the artwork and post it. Thanks for reminding me of this. Also, I never knew the names of the songs, he didn't write them down for me so thanks!


I just dug out my Mel Torment tape and I have totally different songs on mine. Unfortunately I don't know the names of the songs nor do I know how to post them anywhere...

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