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November 16, 2008


Kim Scarborough

Gamelan Pacifica did a gamelan version of "In a Landscape" in 1994.


I've been looking for this for years. Thanks for the post.


This is fantastic! Every song sounds like "Nancy Sings".

mark s

thanks, I love this record...


hello! thanks a lot fot this one.

Hans Keller

I read somewhere that outtakes from these sessions were released on a CD with an old issue of "Ptolemaic Terrascope" back in the early '90s. I don't know how true that is. As a Robert Wyatt fanatic (he didn't do a lot of work between '75 and '80) I've had his tracks off this for a while, and they're great!


thank you, thank you, thank you


The first few Cage tracks seem like another 'imitation' of his Cheap Imitation tribute to Satie's SOCRATE...

Jan Steele

All Day.... will soon be re-released here The new album will be called "Distant Saxophones". There will be a new - much better version of Distant Saxophones itself, plus a new recording of Rhapsody Spaniel, plus 10 other compositions from the same era by Jan Steele and Janet Sherbourne, some never previously recorded, and some only available on very hard to get vinyl.

Maria Roges

I have been looking for an online version of this for over 10 years!

I had the vinyl at one time and lost track of it somehow... most beautiful.Robert Wyatt singing Experiences #2 and Wonderful Widow of 28 springs is sublime.

A thousand thanks!

John Smith

Does anybody know where to get the scores for the Jan Steele pieces?

Jan Steele

Hi John, email me at jan[at] (replacing @ in for [at]) and you can have them for free! Jan Steele

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