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November 25, 2008



I remember KFJC at Terrastock and listen to them since that event in Providence, RI here where I live.


Howdy Dodad

Ahh, KFJC. In a market where there are bunches of great listener supported radio stations, I always found myself back to them while I was driving around for work. One of the best.

Luminous Estuary

Sounds lively. I wish some of our bands could display that kind of pep.


A performance like this could, should be amazing, but I'm not buying it. He's got a lot of gizmos that are no doubt capable of a lot of dynamics, but he has not rehearsed or explored them, and you can see his frustration with the sameness of much of the noise. Jumping onto the table is not going to make the sound more interesting.
Thanks anyway Brian, love your show.


I am totally sold on WPRR 1680 AM. Anyone in the Grand Rapids area should tune into their programming and give them a listen. It’s the replacement for the old Radio Disney, but the new format is pretty amazing, especially considering the standard fare that we get from radio broadcasts in Grand Rapids. Anyway, they have a streaming cast on their page at They’ve got great educational, progressive programming that is both locally produced and taken from the Pacifica Radio network from around the country. A friend of mine suggested I tune into the “Infidel Guy”, who I guess is pretty popular for his podcasts online, but it was surprising to find such content being broadcast over the air in Grand Rapids, Michigan of all places. Agree or disagree with the opinions, it is refreshing new content for listener supported radio in West Michigan.

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