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November 06, 2008



this is a beautiful thing and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for these mp3s.


Is that Killdozer playing whilst sitting?!

tony c

---Is that Killdozer playing whilst sitting?!

I thought the same thing. I guess they've graduated to elder-statesman status like Muddy Waters.

I remember a gig at the Middle East in Cambridge where Michael Gerald did the show standing on top of a big footlocker trunk. With the mic stand adjusted way up high.

I was at work Tuesday wishing I was listening to streaming killdozer. I guess its time to kick back with some Milties and Watermelon Pie and mp3s....

Doofus McGoofus

The date of Killdozer's Austin TX performance is Saturday Nov. 8 (not 9).

Brian Turner

Right you are, sorry about that, fixed.

miss v

I was at this show. I prefer the Greek Jimmy Page looking guitar player, Paul, over one of the brothers. They still rawked though.


cro-mags "jam" is john joseph, mackie, aj (leeway) & craig (y.o.t, straight ahead) no harley or parris aka doug...

can't believe killdozer didn't play knuckles... bummer.


A uniquely American band ... true maverick originals. (Not fake mavericks like that dude from Arizona and that lady from Alaska).


I am glad much for to hear killdozer again, long time i heard them not as war in bosnia ..i thought they were famous ,but they are ...

tim bugbee

they sound so damn good. excellent stuff, thanks!


Thank you for the beautiful music.
The return of bill hobson is like the addition of the missing note.
Long live charles ives.
with respect;

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