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November 07, 2008


stingy d

they didn't know how to handle the magic johnson theory.


aw hell, my coast 2 coast just got some competition


not to be confused with night-people

dave from knoxville

I can't manage to get subscribed to Night People through iTunes no matter how hard I try. I can't get it through the RSS button on the podcast webpage, and when you search the iTunes Music Store under podcasts/advanced search, it doesn't turn up anything (a search for WFMU turns up a dozen podcasts, but Night People ain't one of them). Are we sure this link's up and running, or am I just an idiot?




The "Night People" were, of course, the collective tag given to Jean Shepherd's listeners decades ago. The phrase also appears in the title of a John Cassavettes feature that his listeners apparently donated money toward, for its production.


Typo there--I meant "titles" (as in opening credits) of that film. Not the actual film's title.

Lawrence of Antioch

Mildly entertaining except when they claim they don't "get" the humor of Andy Rooney. What's up wit dat? Andy Rooney and your show go hand in hand.

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