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November 14, 2008



I remember #4.
Teen arrives in NYC circa 1980. Luckily lives 2 blocks south of 99 Records. Girl meets downtown everything. Fun ensues. There's a reason that that 80's E.V. gallery was called FUN. And speaking of very early 80's ( and fun), see a new print of WILD STYLE directed by Charlie Ahearn at Film Forum for one week 10pm show only each day. Beginning today... I saw Fab 5 Freddy with Rock Steady Crew (some even pre-teen) at the KITCHEN. ...Sorry people, it was really a good time. And very cheap rents. "And everybody was in a band" or fucking someone who was an artist or in a band- or whatever.
Yeah the cover of #4- that record was everywhere. And let us not forget a great magazine (in multiple formats) JUST ANOTHER ASSHOLE edited by Barbara Ess and Glenn Branca. I still have a copy of Just Another Asshole magazine in a vinyl edition- with 30 sec. cuts by numerous artists in different mediums.
Thanks for the memories and good night.


Awesome -- this is exactly the kind of thing I love to find here. Thanks Scott, Irwin, and Bart!


Great post, S.W.!! I've been kind of obsessed with this since you played "New Wave Thing to Do" a few weeks ago. Thanks!


Great article Scott! Thanks. And Nice sounds so Nice. TG for pack rats and WFMU that these things still survive. I moved to New York in '87 for graduate school. I was completely unaware of the EV's history and environment (except from a guidebook to New York I had bought and my experiences there one weekend in May when I was scoping it out when I was naturally drawn there by cool-looking events posted on lampposts and ended up going to the Pyramid and being let in for free by one of the bands because I was (stupidly) complaining about the price of admission). I ended up moving to the east village from the west village in '88. It was so much fun (bands, galleries, happenings of all sorts, artists, everyone was an artist or student, or an artist wanna be), and I kind of just assumed that it had always been like that and always would be (never had seen gentrification firsthand). So, I was surprised to hear of and see its increasing gentrification after I had moved away in '91. I feel really lucky to have been able to be there and appreciate it at that time.

Hell's Donut House

Good grief, someone else in the world actually has a copy of this? I was beginning to think I was the only one. Never did see another issue, in anyone's collection, ever.


I have a National Geographic guide to birdsongs that was similarly bound as a magazine with paper pages alternating with flexidiscs. Also cool, but not as cool as this.


Wait - that's Irwin on the cover, right?


Oh wow.
This is so incredible to remember. I used to have this. It was a treasured item. I remember the time period too. Gracie Mansion and the fun house in the Bronx
I love New Wave Thing To Do, Scott. So ominous sounding.
Thank you for this.

gen ken

I have this record book too. Mine is played to death. You had to turn back the pages to play the flexis (plural of flexi?)



Irwin hadn't had one of his best days at the day of that photo!

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