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November 06, 2008



No matter what time I go into one, I seem to walk out at 6am. They are like very picky time machines or something.


in Hongkong, you can even "rent" a female karaoke companion. I haven't done this since the late 80's. no thanks. ;-)


The tape, or at least the mp3s, are all out of phase, I'm playing it right now on my home theatre set to pro-logic mode and all the sound is just coming out of the back speakers, the fronts just have static and a tiny bit of vocals

Nash Roads

Ken, I would recommend you toss those speakers in the trash and invest in some $5 buds. Sounds fine on mine.

I've actually been curious about phasing issues, so I'll look into fixing this.


The king of weird karaoke recordings will always be Nondor Nevai's
"A Capella Cantata", but the world certainly needs more in general.

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