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November 22, 2008



diamond head?! squad car? mothra? holy jeez- thanks!

Captain Wrong

I love the Spiders. I've seen one of their movies (Big Commotion) and even without subs, it was a good watch.


I found a shortened version of Mothra on the web but this is great, thanks. I have a similarly shortened version of the song the islanders use to summon Kong in another Godzilla movie (or was it the same one?). I don't know if a full length version exists.


Mothra song is performed by The Peanuts.

Love Bunny, thanks.

Zac Bentz

Check out Tokyo no Records for a few modern-day group sounds artists, available in the US. They've also got a compilation featuring new bands doing older group sounds covers.


You can find a review of the compilation, as well as an interview with Thee 50's High Teens in the latest issue of Otaku USA Magazine.



It's true. I am just a Mops. But I don't care of them.


For those of you who are familiar with Kyu Sakamoto, Danny Iida & Paradise Kings was the group that Kyu-chan got his start with.

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