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November 09, 2008


Not Celebrating

"Obama's election is certainly a good reason to rejoice"

"Certainly"???? Some people are very happy, true enough. But you are aware that Obama got something like only 52% of the vote, aren't you? That means 48% are NOT rejoicing. Try not to get too caught up in your little lefty liberal New Yorky parochial world, kopa setic?

totally celebrating

how about a thank you for this killer post of TWENTY-EIGHT awesome mp3s, instead of getting all drudge about it?

Pardon me, please, Mr. Bush!

Yeah, Not Celebrating, you had your EIGHT years of wonderful Bush policy. At least you enjoyed the torture, financial crash, lies, secret renditions, indefinite imprisonment, phone tapping and other fun.




Awww.. Unhappy, Not Celebrating?


Now shaddup and eat your Moog.


Sorry that I did not display the appropriate political balance. (And FYI, I don't even live in NYC, I live in one of those big red states...) But even John McCain and Sarah Palin seemed to be happy after the election and talked about how great it was to have a black president. And this happened only 44 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed. I think this should be reason for (at least a little) celebration, even for conservatives.


shots up all joe naggin americun nobs, an liesten to thies wunderfall muzacks, !!


With the passing of Neal Hefti, Rudy Ray Moore, and Yma Sumac, the passing of eight years of paleoconservatism is a bright spot. And the moogs are nice too.


Awesome post. No awesome original art for this compilation, though? Anyhow, thanks! I've been rocking my MOOG GROOVE vinyl for years and loving it. So this is a great surprise.


oh sweet christams- thanks! if for nothing else than the 'i walk the line'

walter brennan



brilliant! i'd go so far as to say these clips show something you don't expect from the electronic - a groove.


Ah, the first fruits of the homosocialist revolution! Let these transexual moog stylings be as the new balalaika for our glorious future! Do not be sad, conservatives! I know, it is not easy off the coast of alaska in winter, drilling for our precious latte. But someone has to do it. Drill, baby, Drill!

It's kind of insensitive to call Wendy Carlos by her former name...


The 1975 album "By Request" is still credited to "Walter Carlos". I love his/her work both before and after the sex and name change, why would using her former name be insensitive?

lokel JC FITE Style

awesome - thanks!

y cant u spel?

knot selabrateing - cant ad or spel? werne't it 53-47? and wht meens kopa setic? kopa dictionary next time. maybe i'm on the lookout for it, but it seems republicans often use words they don't understand, and can't spell the words they use. and why are they always angry?


"Thanks for the switched-on collection!"

It's insensitive because it's not her name, and she does not want to be referred by it. Check out her website, she's much more eloquent on the subject than I am


Good deal. Garson's "Ride of Aida" appeared on the Electronic Toys 2 CD that Normal Records put out a decade ago, but the rest of these are new to me.

Of interest: anyone into this kind of music should track down this CD:

I'm serious! The first track is a typically insane live Hanatarash show, followed by about an hour's
worth of vintage moog music ripped from eYe's vinyl collection. Secret revealed: you can get the proper
track listing for those songs by opening up the tray card. Or, nowadays I think CDDB database just does it for ya.


>>It's kind of insensitive to call Wendy Carlos by her former name...

More sensitive than a compilation of her early works entitled
"When she was Walter"


I really dig this stuff...the music, not the politcal pish-posh. Now all I need is an elevator to play them in.

Kip W

I always just say "W. Carlos."


Hey, "Not Celebrating"....WTF were you doing here, anyway? Whaddya, a closet liberal?

My favourites so far

The Two Johnny Cash songs are tops
Folsom Prison Blues by Gil Trythall
I Walk the Line by Rick Powell

Spanish Flea by Sid Bass, I call this song the theme to the Dating Game and it's super hot, I have a real love for gameshow music, it is its own wonderful genre.

Hair by Mort Garson is bladerunner fresh. timeless.

Polk Salad Annie by Gil Trythall (again) is like some atari shit you never heard before.

Moogie Boogie by The Zeet Band (great name) sounds like chase music from Miami Vice, i can't seeing wanting to hear the whole song again, but i would drop a few seconds of it at a party just to release the flavor.

Porcupine Pie by Hugo Montenegro is a weird 8-bit atari seventies porno soundtrack, it's like a cheesy hot jazz combo playing with a moo0g player who has the most awesome like 8-bit atari tones and sounds and its this totally stereotypical porno movie sounding jam, five stars

Whats New Pussycat by Wendy (Walter) Carlos, its a carnival jam cover version that is really Wendy Carlos, Its like an outtake from A Clockwork Orange that didn't make it into the film. I am not much for carnival music but I do like the super freakout at the end, Scary.

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