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November 26, 2008


Listener Zelmo

I enjoyed this post. It was redolent of the past and stank of nostalgia.


Nostalgia you say? Behind Rizzuto-Berra was a teenage hangout extraordinaire. Just where the railroad tracks crossed under route 3. There was path leading up the hill to what was then the Red Chimney and if you were really intent on getting arrested you could climb the access ladder leading up to the deck of a highway billboard. The nascent naturalist could find a swampy pit which was apparently inhabited by a snapping turtle, who's remains I found after she (pregnant, turtle eggs everywhere) attempted to climb over or was placed on the rails. My first actual job was at the bookstore in Styretown, soon thereafter at the Allwood twin followed by a nearby denture lab. I was a terrible, terrible bowler but for a while would stop in Rizzuto-Berra for the videogames.


last week before an arena rawk show, after the Tick-Tock Diner (Eat Heavy) meal, we had a little more time to kill, so i drove to Styretowne & we got coffees at what was once Bond's (Awful-Awful). across the parking lot in the corner there it is, the Rizzuto-Berra - it's like a Linens n' Things or some crap now. both of my kids had parties there & i sometimes subbed in a phone company league, my erratic bowling ( sometimes 60 sometimes 200 )for some reason made me an asset to the team. we drank to bowl better & people smoked like chimneys in the place. we limped into work the next day. those kids' parties were heinous & loud, i limped out of those, too. i haven't lived in North Jersey in decades, but often have to go back or into the city ( newsflash:the tunnel's not a dollar anymore ), so even with all the change, i see these places through a nostalgic prism. thanks for the post!

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