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November 19, 2008


Louisville Dan

All of this J's with Jamie stuff is fantastic! Thanks for sharing the wealth.

Ernie (Not Bert)

Wow, wow, wow. The hits just keep comin'!


Has it been mentioned yet that the track 'Madison Avenue Tango' on the classic 'Product Music: Vol 1' is undoubtedly The J's with Jamie? Can we get confirmation from your source?

Love the music and love the blog. Keep 'em coming!


Thanks! These tracks are great.


Telutci -

Arcane record nerd alert: the tracks from "Product Music" that sound like "The J's" are from an industrial show titled "On the Go With Westclox." There are two known copies - I spent 10+ years looking for one and finally dug one up. The first copy, the one used on "Product Music," is in NYC. It's a great record if you're into that stuff. I've always thought that it was the J's with Jamie on that record - or, at the very least Jamie. I believe the conference for which that show was produced was held at a hotel in Chicago, too, which would be another clue. I have to double-check...


There's some similarity between the Westclox piece and the J's, but the voice doesn't sound quite right to me. That could be because of recording issues, and short of getting original session information, which is probably sitting in someone's attic, we may never know.

Another candidate that I think is almost certainly the J's is Young Adults (, a Hamm's beer theme from the 1960s that was part of the original 365 Days Project. The J's did sing some Hamm's themes, and there's one included on The Two Sides of The J's with Jamie.


The Hamm's post was my record as well, actually. I'll have to check the LP to see if there's any more info on where the sales meeting was held...

Yeah, the "Westclox" record is close, but I'm not sure either.

Jim Maroney

After listening to both the Westclox and Hamm's Beer commercials, I'm convinced they both feature Jamie (with the J's on the Hamm's beer promo).

Her voice seems a touch lighter in the Westclox, but that could simply be the sound they wanted. What I DO hear is the inflections that Jamie always had when singing music of that style, as well as her incredible attention to every word - she gave each one its own special shape and sound.

The Hamm's beer commercial has that distinctive "J's with Jamie" ensemble sound, made evident with Len Dresslar's solid bass voice - one of the very best and most versatile studio bass singers EVER. Check out his later work with the Singers Unlimited, where his importance is unquestionable.


My belief that it was Jamie was really based on my memory more than anything else. I was listening to these songs and enjoying the heck out of them, but there was a thing in the back of my head that one day burst forth saying "hey, I KNOW that voice!" Maybe I do; maybe I don't. But either way, I'll always think of the Westclox song when I hear the J's.

The same way -- and how is this for arcane record nerdism? -- that the theme music for the Golden Globes Awards is lifted from The Eight Seasons of Chromalox. I swear every year that I'm going to record the theme and do a side-by-side analysis, but I never do. Maybe this year...


Just a quick follow up on the The Great Westclox/Hamm's Conundrum -

First: I would venture that the Hamm's show is the J's. I just checked my copy of the record. Only one side is the "Centennial Meeting" aka the industrial show itself. The flip is 9 different commercials, all by "The Jays" or "Jamie" ... and one by Nancy Wilson. No credits to prove it, but that brings it a little closer.

The Westclox record also has no performer credits, unsurprisingly, but it does mention that the Wesclox meeting where the show was performed was at the Drake Oakbrook hotel in Chicago (on May 12, 1963).


I should clarify that last post - when I said "No credits to prove it" I meant the industrial show side of the Hamm's record, not the commercials side, which is credited.


Jamie is my mom!

Paul Hemmer

Who wrote Laugh it of my favorites

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