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November 13, 2008


stingy d

wow! very very cool! i had to listen right away.. and i'm instantly impressed! so far it is making me want to put on a disguise and slink around... those are two of my favorite things to do, but there are never enough occasions!


90 minutes is a long time to do the robot. I'm gonna need some oil.


Anyone want to compile the tracklisting? :)


Drew here: Re: Tracklist. Yup- the typing on the original cover is tough to read, shall I type the tracklist here so there's less mystery? Lemme pop out and find the cassette...


Hey- I just looked at that cover art file over over there and it's not THAT hard to read-- put those cheaters on, Volum.

billy jam

good one - coincidentally the day after you posted this blog Dave Paul was a guest on WFMU (remote from Bay Area) talking about Noe Valley and the record store (Below old Aquarius spot - next door to copying place) Check arhcive in above URL -


isnt the opening track on the first side really a newcleus song (or what sounds like a demo of that song)?


Yeah, Kevin--- It is, and, perhaps it IS.


Hey---there's Billy Jam! Nice to hear from you! I wrote David just the other day and he didn't mention he was gonna do that! Lol. But it figures---Things just happen when they SHOULD sometimes. Like I said--that 'hood was a special and swingin' part of town.

Dave Paul

You never know where I'm gonna pop up... BAM! I'm just there, and then gone.


oh right...the track listings haha


wow yeah i LOVE this, great tape - thanks for the post. and i am dying to know who did a version of peoples choice 'do it anyway you wanna' that comes in at 8 minutes!


Wow...I am proud reading those lines. I never expected this tape flip back at me more than 10 years later. Thanks for putting it up right here...Hip Hop donĀ“t stop!!!!


Just another 5 years and still Fresh ... time is runing fast ... ha ha ...
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