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November 20, 2008


The Contrarian

Thanks for the post. I think still have a few similar tapes from the 1980s I recorded from KISS-FM and Mr. Magic's Rap Attack on WBLS. One tape has L.L. Cool J segued into Kraftwerk's "Trans Euro Express."


Good post


massively good. thank you.


can't believe i still remember the lyrics to these songs. fantastic archive. thank you for sharing...

Dave Knapik

Oh damn, this is so far off the goddamn chain! I love it. I was in a bad mood and now I'm smiling ear-to-ear. You rock.


great post, youve just perked up my journey home, and then some.... cant wait to hear this doozy !

thanks again



thank you for that if you have anymore please holla!


This ish brings a tear to my eye

darin dunlap

man i had this tape im from detroit and in the 80s detroit didnt play rap on the radio so i got my rap music from a cusin in new york i had all the hits years before detroit started playing them


I love this stuff. Does anyone know the name of the last song that has a chinatown like beat?


i would love to download this to the iphone my ninjas!


Thank you for giving voice to what many of us experience and enjoy about the refuges! Great information.

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