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November 06, 2008



Man you are The Best! I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you upping your Rodium tapes.

Thank you soooo much. =D


Thanks for all the sweet uploads!


Thanks a bunch bro.Just wondering if you have Dope Beat by Dr. Dre and Jam (Jack Move) by Dr. Dre and Tony A. thanks again


Hey Eazy-Evan and all, I put all of Otis' Rodium tape MP3's along with other Rodium MP3's I've come across over the years in several winzip files, which does include Dope Beat and Jack Move.

Of course this is still only scratching the surface(no pun intended) since I have a bunch of tapes that I haven't seen converted and uploaded to the web(yet!). Hopefully I can do it myself at some point soon.

Also, the flash files in vol.2 are files that Tony A had on his site, which I'm not sure is around anymore last time I checked. They're very low-grade files that are mostly just the opening intro mixes.

Rodium tape vol.1

-85 Live
-86 in the Mix
-88 Boom'n Bass
-Action Pack- Battery Brain

Rodium tape vol.2

-Cuts Like These
-Flash files

-Goin Off
-In Effect
-Jack Move;12384149;/fileinfo.html

Rodium tape vol.3

-Let's Jam
-Listen up
-Panic Zone
-The Show;12384649;/fileinfo.html

Rodium tape vol.4

-You Got Ganked
-Dope Beat
-UnKnown Rodium mixtape;12390400;/fileinfo.html


Thanks a bunch man. You are awesome. Major old school props.

Mike B

This is unbeleivable. I never imagined that googling "Dr.Dre Roadium MixTapes" would turn up something like this. This is Incredible. These bring back so many memories of growing up in Los Angeles.You had to be up on the west coast in the late 80's to experience this. This is a treasure. I used to go to the Roadium and the Compton Indoor to get these tapes.On the RTD at that. Had a bunch of them. This is a piece of West Coast History. I highly recommend anyone who stumbles across this page, Dont Sleep. Cop this immediately while you can. Super Big Thanks to who ever made this available. This shit has sentimental value Homie... This is outta control I never thought I would ever hear these tapes again.
Big Ups.

spincat (from soulseek)

hey thanks everyone for posting this. Sucks that those links no longer work... :( I really needed that...


Can any1 re-up all those old tapes from filefront please?


Go here:

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