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November 27, 2008



Following our masthead slogan, "All the nits there are to pick"...

Radio cart machines are (were) 2-track stereo, using (then) standard 1/4-inch tape.

I know because I've got boxes full of them, yonked from the last radio station I worked at during its Gotterdammerung period. I've had an eBay search for "cart machine" going for a couple of years, but I've never seen one come up. So they sit there, mute in their two-trackiness.

Hear It Wow

For the sake of Wikipedianesque accuracy, it's probably better to say "similar to 8-tracks." Same tape-loop technology, different application.

I've seen several different recording lengths on carts as well, ranging from just over 30 seconds to as much as five minutes.


I've seen carts that were even longer. In the early '90s, I used to fill in occasionally at KTRU in Houston, and we had a cart that I swear must've been ten or fifteen minutes at least. If we are to be even more technically specific, however, it is probably better to say "similar to Stereo 8 cartridges," so as to distinguish from 8-track multitrack.

Halloween is a classic, but I've always preferred The Thing. Let's hope Rob Zombie doesn't ruin that one, too.


Cut #3 link is broken.

Jon P

This is awesome, thanks for posting it!


Cut 3 has been fixed. Sorry about that. I was very scared when I put this post together.

Bill V

We used to reload the tape in ours at our college radio station. More tape made it more likely to jam or the tape to break. Five minutes was the longest reliable length. You could make a "multi-punch" cart that would stop after a time, so you could put several different versions of a commercial on one tape.


Cut 3 is still not working for me.


To make things more confusing, Anchor Bay currently offers a two-disc edition of Halloween that doesn't include the newer NBC sequences.


Hi - love the first two cuts. But Cut #3 link is broken.


Cut 3 is downloadable now. For some reason, it won't load on the auto player, at least for me, but it's there.


Certainly enjoyed hearing the radio spots for HALLOWEEN, but unfortunately track 3, after several attempts, neither plays nor downloads. What am I doing incorrectly?

Hear It Wow

What's this doing back up here?

The Track 3 link has, at long last, been fixed. That was one scary job.


The greatest non-commercial radio station of all time WREK in ATL used to "feature" the cart machine as DJ, any human was just the board operator.


woid - maybe you are looking for something more specific, but at ebay, under "Electronics > Pro Audio & Stage Effects" there are a few cart players and/or recorders, and half a doz have been sold in the last two weeks.


Much thanks for these movie radio spots. Would be thrilled to have more. The horror/"monster" movie releases had some of the most entertaining of all genres, especially during the 70s. Glad to find any at all, as well as spots for rock music films. Carts were not all that appealing: lesser audio quality (even for that time), noisy in the studio (when a stack of them fell down), and space-consuming in storage.

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