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November 19, 2008



Dum Dum Bullet is pretty good, but I wouldn't say their sound is really all that unique-- just a poorly-recorded low rent Motorhead (right down to the bass player-singer-with mutton-chops).


Another classic if I might add:

fatty jubbo

Axe Master wins the four way thrash competition!

Watching all four videos at the same time is a stunning visual overload of apocalyptic and mundane imagery!


I do have a car. Where can I get my hands on a copy of that purgatory record?

Dave McMullin

Any more information on Dum Dum bullet? Love em!

RagnarR in SF Bay

Dum Dum Bullet's the winnah (IMO). For more infos on these French "frashers":

2) (Uber-collector nerd perspective):



I'm late to reply to this post....

I live in Montreal. The Madness Reign guy is somewhat of a legend here. You either like it or hate it. Usually hate it. He always seem to infiltrate metalhead's conversations.

Have you seen his live set on YouTube? Worth looking at.

I can tell you something though: the guy is dead serious, he's not joking.

I think he's allright but the Jandek influence is way up there (but no metalhead here knows who the heck Jandek is).


Perfect for the Crazy Mark cable TV show (from MI), a repository of cerebral damage and (mostly) bad music.

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