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November 08, 2008


Jonny Farrow

I played all three at once and it crashed Firefox, but it was great while it was happening. Perhaps it's time for a change?

-- Jonny


the worst is still that du-tells "obama" song to the tune of "black betty" that ken played on the electile disfunction netcast.

and then there's "obama over the rainbow" which pretty much lives in my skull now.

tony c

Hey -- the third video is actually *good.* Sure, it's nonprofessional and visually naive -- but it packs a lot of feeling. Brought a tear to my eye ... and I voted for Nader.


That first one still has me laughing...'we hood, we votin' and throwin' it up!'...'what yo' mama say/I'm-a vote Obama way' me pathetic, I'm already nostalgic for the event of Obama's election because of the sheer outpouring of hope and good vibes from a lot of people who just want to be heard and treated better.


Great videos, Obama in a new term of understanding :-D
Post more of that stuff.


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