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November 17, 2008


Nash Rose

I'd just like to point out that the writer of MacGyver, Lee David Zlotoff, is an alumnus of my college, St. John's College. He is the most brilliant figure St. John's has produced thus far. When pressed, Zlotoff admits that the character MacGyver is supposed to be a St. John's graduate, NOT a physics major as most would have it!

Charles Atlas

No Billy Jack? I would think that in a time of crisis we would always want to turn to the man who not only fought the man to do the right thing, he also stood up for the kids as well.

Isn't it time we applied a little hapkido to such vexing problems as the national debt?

There are no greater tools in bringing about true problem resolution than rock solid beliefs and the martial arts.


No Billy Jack. It was tried, and sadly, all Bill could muster is a fillibuster.


Chilling scenario #4: Democrat backed by Big Business and Wall Street even more than the Republican candidate promises surge in Afghanistan, much larger military, massive taxpayer bank bailout, continued Patriot Act, no nationalized healthcare and names Republicans to his cabinet. Horrifyingly, he keeps his promises...

... oh wait, yeah, that's reality...


I have no movie recommendations (I did rent Syriana this weekend, however). Lately I've been listening to some right wing talk radio and am just amazed at the continued fear-mongering that broadcasters like Neil Boortz or Bob Grant continue to engage listeners in. Despite 7 years of war, staggering debt, people losing homes and jobs, corporate executives raping the American consumer, and the global economy teetering under Republican reign, Obama will just ruin everything for us. Maybe I'll rent Mr. Smith Goes to Washington this weekend.

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