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November 05, 2008



Well that's it, comrade Irwin. I've contacted the new Homosocialist Party Boss, and your new gay husband will be Joe the Plumber. I couldn't get you a spot on the Arugula Combine Farm, so you'll be drilling for Lattes off the coast of Alaska. Sarah Palin will be your warden. So it all worked out in the end, huh?


Kenny G's Chocolate City loop is just what the Dr.(Funkenstein) ordered.

Subservient Experiment

I think I still like the Sam Cooke version the best.



The Band did an incredible version on Moodog Matinee

gaston monescu

nice collection of versions


A great man, a great time is coming~


Al Green at The R&R Hall of Fame concert.


The title of the Aloe Blacc version of that track is "Long Time Coming"... seems funny that a radio station wouldn't get that right.



Blue and Wonder

What about CSNY's "Long Time Gone"? "don't, no, don't now try to get yourself elected...If you do you had better cut your hair." :D


Is that Cowboy Curtis on the left?

Shane L.

Of course, Sam's is the best, but Otis' is right up there. Regardless, this is a great show and a great tribute to a historic event. I haven't been able to get this song out of my head since last Tuesday. Now, I can't get 15 versions out of my head. Thanks!!!


The Chicago House artist Paul Johnson samples the original Sam Cooke version on this record:

And it's surprisingly effective.


great song,
unfortunate president.

over half the country's hypnotized


Holy crap I made this mix two summers ago, after becoming obsessed with this song. You have a few versions I haven't heard! Nice job.


Very nice ... keep it up

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