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December 10, 2008



What? No Coldplay? Live the revolution, Acapulco!!


It is the best time for music in a dogg's year for sure. Don't know why so many folks are down on the sounds this year. Oh well, their loss.


The Rats reissue! Check it.


youtube vid of the year.

Concerned Citizen

Hey, what about the Children's Hospital and Rebel recs on Sacred Bonez, the Mayyors singlez, Whitehouse reissues, that Alan Courtis joint, TV Ghosts's 12", Aaron Dilloway, the Sick-E's, and the Doors? Fuck you, Acapulco! You fucked up!


No Coldplay indeed, I just wonder why... But, great choices anyway. Sick Llama would have been on my list too...

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