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December 31, 2008



Wow, this is comprehensive. (Thanks, computer analysis!)
Great list, makes me want to re-check all these releases out again.
I really do like that Vermilion Sands 7". Glad you had the restraint to rank "Hoagiefest" at only #3.



Maybe we ought to call this the "Deans List" ;-)

Yeah, and how bout that Pylon and Individuals!

Steve Holtje

Hi Evan, sorry to nitpick but the Pylon reissue came out in 2007. But at least that moves the Individuals a notch higher!


Yeah, I admit I'm not really a purist when it comes to release year... fellow FMU DJ Noah pointed out that the Percee P record was also a 2007 release, and I noticed the phrase "now it's 2005" (!) when I was playing the Stands For Decibels CD during my Best Of show (although that CD didn't arrive in the WFMU new bin until 2008, for whatever reason). I guess I should call this list "Things I really liked in 2008 that mostly came out that same year," but that's a little clunky. :)

Thanks for reading the list and commenting, I appreciate it!

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