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December 05, 2008



Jesus, thanks. I've saved enough of these photos BEFORE the jump that I'm afraid to go searching myself, for fear of losing more time than I could stand to...


Mid-Century Modern Architecture. Circular Motel. Location And Year Unknown. Yale Joel.

That building was actually the Villa Roma Hotel in San Francisco, CA. I stayed in that hotel in 1978 during my first SF trip. That place was stuck in my head for years and got me interested in pretty much all things "Googie". I think this was torn down in the mid-80's.

Looks like I'll be digging even deeper in the LIFE archives.



This one of FDR v. Willkie campaign buttons is amazing in its way: NO MAN IS GOOD THREE TIMES.

Listener Kliph

I'm pretty sure the one of the Fort Worth Beatnik Club must be the one George Carlin refers to as the place he started out with Jack Burns.


Wow! Thanks for the hard work. Keep 'em coming!!


The plane over Manhattan reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where the airliner keeps making an approach to Idlewild but it's always the wrong date. I especially like the scene where they come out of the clouds only to see stop motion dinosaurs roaming around.


Slight correction: a catcher (the picture is "Skyscrapers: Catcher...") isn't there to catch a rivet if it falls--they're more a relay man, and integral part of the process. The rivet is heated; then thrown to the catcher who places it in the hole; then another guy hammers the rivet until it's installed, with the help of another worker who "bucks" the rivets, keeping it in place as it's hammered. Then they repeat the process...about a gazillion times.

Listener Greg G.

folksnake - thanks for the explanation / clarification. That text I used was lifted directly from the Google/Life page showing a compact view of the photo. It seemed like an impossible task the way it was described there....with the catcher theoretically being responsible who for who knows how much area. Nevertheless, it's still an incredibly dangerous job. Those pics of bridge and skyscraper construction projects are amazing.

listener Carl

Thats the best stuff


See if you can find that photo (I believe it was LIFE) of the drive-in theater with a train running right next to it. Reminds me of today's NYT front-page masterpieces of common but surreal moments.

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