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December 01, 2008



I never understand your petty diatribes about how dreadful the NYTimes is.

Mr Mannn

the Daily News is still 50 cents during the week --- it went up to 75c on Saturdays only (and up to $1.50 on Sundays).

just saying.


As student who has many Jorunalism lectures under her belt, I too know the often under-estimated importance of a good lead sentence. As my professor says (ad naseum) a lead must be attention grabbing, clear, concise, and scintilating. Mr Shifrel has clearly mastered that art form! Thanks for the post:)


I remember that show- he was a fine guest! I recall you discussing the phrase (I am paraphrasing..) "Baby clothes for sale, never used" ...its implications and its precise wholeness. Interesting show, 'twas.
Support the paper and it's advertisers. Keep print alive, I say!
PS.Miss you very much!


For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn is a short story by Ernest Hemingway


What? Did the shoes not fit or something?


The only place editorializing has a place in journalism is on the Editorial Page. The NYTimes does what is should. The Daily News and Post are good at telling you what stripper is dancing out by the airport.


I don't think anyone disputes that the News is a tabloid. But ironically enough, on any given day you're not unlikely to find a higher percentage of facts in it than you will in the Post or The Times combined...! :)
Nawyecky-thanks for the reminder! Hemingway! figures!

Amenda Crawford

Thanks for the great Blog! I love it.

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