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December 08, 2008


Joe R

Can we expect something special in 2009 for the Lincoln Bi-Centennial and his penny's Centennial?
PS: Is that Russia I see over the grizzly's shoulder?

Listener James from Westwood

I'm holding out for 2016 and the release of the Richard M. Nixon commemorative $1 coin. Aroooooo!


I went back to your April 2007 post. Yeah, the Montana quarter with the cow skull on it is pretty cool. The Wisconsin quarter really needs the faux motto that some in the midwest attribute to Wisconsin: Eat Cheese or Die!


Joe R: You'll get four pennies in circulation -- just go to the link Listener James posted and at the left under "Coins and Medals" is a list of various upcoming mint releases -- about halfway down is "2009 Lincoln One Cent Coins" -- you click that to get some text and a bulleted list, and clicking on each item in the list will show you the designs.
There's also a commemorative dollar that probably won't be circulated, but sold to collectors -- click on the "Commemoratives" link next to the bottom of the "Coins and Medals" list. Under 2009 is the Lincoln dollar and a Louis Braille coin as well. Below that are lists of all the coins you've already missed.

Listener James: That list doesn't include Ronald Reagan! That's a surprise. Maybe the bill authorizing the coins passed before Reagan died. I'm sure they'll add him to the list. It seems like the mint is really cranking out the commemoratives and redesigns.

Not only are we getting presidential coins, we are now getting Native American dollars with special reverse designs (one per year) -- look for "Native American $1 Coins" above the "2009 Lincoln One Cent Coins". I think they start this year, so we haven't seen any yet. Sacagawea stays on the front, and the series continues as long as the mint keeps at it.

and First Spouse gold coins: See the item in the list between the Presidential and Native American $1 coins. Apparently Andrew Jackson and Martin van Buren were married to some dame named "Liberty" that has already appeared on our coinage. :-)

Not to mention the other bullion coins, such as the Eagle.

Gene: The Montana and Wyoming emblems are their standard emblems. the cow (bull) skull was on their bicentennial license plate, and the Wyoming cowboy was on all their license plates in the 1970s and beyond. I think they should have put some details on the cowboy.

Anyway, sorry for all the oddball click here and here and here directions, but apparently the antispam gnomes won't allow me to post links using the "A" tags nor paste them in directly (i guess they figure i'm spamming on behalf of the US mint (though given the state of our nation's finances these days, i guess that's not such an unreasonable possibility)). :-)


Connecticut's quarter is still the best. If DC somehow comes to its senses and puts Marvin Gaye on its quarter, then that'll up the ante. Or three buffalo.

Ken from Hyde Park

I was at my sister's the other day and she showed me a DC quarter with Duke Ellington on it. I had no idea that the Mint was going beyond the fifty states. What the? Curious, I checked the internest and http://www.usmint.gov/mint_programs/DCAndTerritories/ shows six more quarters and in 2010, they're starting a series of National Parks quarters. I guess I'll need to look for storage books for them all.

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