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December 15, 2008


Andy Lester

You know that the Jazz Numbers vocals are from Grace Slick, right?

And that the Pointer Sisters did the crazy pinball machines?

Being in a position to watch Sesame Street everyday now due to fatherhood, I don't think it's been dumbed down in any significant way. Elmo is only a twenty minute show-within-a-show at the end and is specifically geared toward toddlers. I had tremendous fear of what I would find in these Elmo-tainted eps, but what I've found has been mostly of the same quality as what I remember with slightly less focus on the characters I loved when growing up.

Listener James from Westwood

The King of Eight (or should I say Rowlf the Dog?) has some smooth flow in his raps.

A couple of FMU DJs have played the audio of the "We all live in a capital I" cartoon, which was quite beautiful and haunting to hear across all these years.

I also was overjoyed to learn recently that Sesame Street cartoon foes Letterman and the Spellbinder were voiced by Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel, respectively. (The narratrix? Joan Rivers!)


Another reason to hate Hulu. Sorry I don't live in the United States....



Additional reasons to hate Hulu: they seem to be pulling some of the clips as we speak.

Account Deleted

None of the Sesame Street clips have been pulled, in fact there are a few more clips up today than yesterday on the Hulu site. That said, many things on Hulu have "expiration dates", which is fine, except for the fact that these dates aren't clearly noted so sometimes it comes as a shock. As for non-US readers...sorry about that. International copyright rules are such a pain in the ass.


OK, I tried the rubber ducky clip again, and rather than a "not available" notice I see the clip. I suppose the servers get overloaded at certain points in the day....


Sesame Workshop has its own YouTube channel now, so I get the feeling that they Get It.


Fuck Hulu. Use somthing else, please.


Try the Sesame Street YouTube channel linked in the comments above if Hulu doesn't work for you, and look for your own favorites. Because I prefer not to "fuck" things. My penis is a sacred tool.

Wendy del Formaggio

Ooh, I have always loved the song "Nasty Dan," especially for Oscar's comments throughout.
If you're having a hard time watching the old Ses St clips on hulu, you can also rent old Ses St from Netflix. I did, and a good time was had by all.
By "all" I mean "me."

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