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December 12, 2008


Brian Turner

Oblivians rocked a Stork session back in the old live room at WFMU's East Orange HQ back in the day, 1997 I think. I gotta dig up that cassette somewhere.

will betheboy

God damn these would be great shows to go to. I wish I had the cash to spend on a trip to Memphis. Hopefully Greg will take Reigning Sound back on the road sometime soon.


wheeeeennnnnn??? Jumping Jesus on a pogo tick When?
I'm in Berlin and will cancel any needed social appointments to search out tickets and go to what every far flung German dorf (or any other far flung part if Europe for that matter) I need to to catch this show!

Yes.....but what of "Hey! Hey! We're The Humans?"


I was at that show. Too bad the video didn't show them destroying their equipment at the end (and I think they were using borrowed equipment)!


If I'm not mistaken, the Oblivians had just returned from Europe with an enormous lump of hash that they wanted to smoke. It probably was my first time, but jesus christ, that night was a blast. I'm glad I didn't do anything TOO embarassing in the few frames I appear in this sucker. As memory serves, Trash Bash was a ton of laughs.

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