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December 03, 2008




While just starting the 5th grade, I saw KRISS KROSS at the Midsouth Colliseum during the Midsouth County Fair in Memphis, TN 1992.
The laser show was awesome! I also won a huge stuffed animal at the fair, which I had to carry to the concert.


Now that I look at it.... all the boomp3s are dead and The Perfect American site has "wandered away" from Rock n' Roll & more towards naked ladies. So don't get all weird on me if you see some NSFW when following links - mine specifically deal with the titled subjects. The Fillmore program is cool. Thanks!
Iknow, I know, check your homework!


1st show: Pretenders, made my brother take me to Allentown Fairgrounds and
he had to miss Jerry Garcia playing in our town because of it.

1st show on my own : Eddie Money/Hooters (won tix for me & jr. high date on
Magic 92) -- yeah, they were the Israelites!

Bob Ham

I actually had a really great first concert experience - R.E.M. on the Green tour in 1989 at Great Woods in Mansfield, MA. Throwing Muses was the opening act. Pretty amazing show from both acts. I remember they sort of muddled their way through "Stand" and "It's The End Of The World" but they did a great version of VU's "After Hours". I wish I remembered more about the Throwing Muses set other than thinking "Fall Down" sounded really good.


1st show: Pretenders, made my brother take me to Allentown Fairgrounds and
he had to miss Jerry Garcia playing in our town because of it.

1st show on my own : Eddie Money/Hooters (won tix for me & jr. high date on
Magic 92) -- yeah, they were the Israelites!


The Stranglers at the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, North London. Must have been 1979, supported by an awful US band called the Curves. Very few memories, we were school boys, drunk on booze stolen from our parents drink cabinets and loving the punk rock thang.

Chris Oliver

God, I remember reading a blurb about this band in a magazine I bought for the KISS cover story. I think it said they had a hologram of an angel projected on the stage that spoke to the audience or something. I also thought I remembered them being in the movie Foxes, but then I saw it on TV once, and they weren't in it.

Joe Veselenak

In 1979, at age 12, I was taken to my first rock concert at Municipal Stadium (now gone) in Cleveland by an older friend and - believe it or not - his mother. The concert was billed as "The World Series of Rock" and featured Ted Nugent, Journey, Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, AC-DC (a few months before Bon Scott died) and a few others I can't remember. The show was opened by the Scorpions, who nobody had ever heard of at the time. There were something like 50,000 fans there. One person was shot and killed, while another - under the influece of something - tumbled into the harbor and drowned. I remember being told not to eat any of the watermelon slices that were being passed around.

Awesomeness!! ANGEL's logo reads the same upside down!!!

Awesomeness!! ANGEL's logo reads the same upside down!!!

Jeff Stern

Mom thought concerts were dangerous, so my first one was in high school - saw Young MC at the Louisiana State Fair with Boogie Down Productions opening up. First stadium show was REM's Green tour - Pylon opened but I missed them because I got lost trying to find my date's house. First small club show with a touring band was Follow for Now with local openers FuncHaus at the Art Bar in Baton Rouge. First actual bar fight I saw was also the first show where I got in on the guest list - a Sir Mixalot show at the Varsity in Baton Rouge (FuncHaus also opened for that one and got me my guest list spot).


Joe Jackson at Seton Hall, Look Sharp tour. I recently found out that a pal was at the same show, and it was his first concert as well!

Michael G

Ken Shimamoto

The Who at Forest Hills, July 31st, 1971. I'd turned 14 the month before and my father took me and my sister for my birthday. What really impresses me is how, as much as he hated that music, he still took us. It was an excruciatingly uncomfortable experience, especially once the joints started passing around. We were far away and it all kind of runs together in my memory, but I do remember "Baby Don't Do It" and Townshend running in circles until he unplugged his guitar. He broke two of 'em, too, which is why the '68 SG I bought for $275 the following years is worth ten times that now. Wish I still had it.

Dominick Costanzo

Led Zepplin - NYC stop of their first US tour.
The venue was the former NY State pavilion at Flushing Meadows Park.
The terrazzo floor I remembered from the ’64-’65 fair was, for some inexplicable reason, coated with black grease, preventing anyone from sitting.
Most memorable part of the night was the opening act – Buddy Guy.
He wasn’t getting much respect from the crowd who wanted to see rock stars, not some blues guy. Catcalls etc. There were lots of balloons being bounced around and someone managed to throw one up toward the stage and hit Mr. Guy. Rather than getting flustered, he picked the balloon up and used it as a slide for his guitar, completely blowing the collective mind of the crowd.
Zep was amazing and loose.
My buddy’s girlfriend got wasted on ‘ludes which put a damper on the evening.

Debbie D

My parents wouldn't let me go to concerts. But they would let me go to the roller skating rink. My first concert was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five AND the Sugarhill Gang at Olympia Skate Center in Macon Georgia 1982. Score!

Tony Coulter

The first concerts I can remember seeing were all in NYC's Central Park in the early to mid '70s, as part of the Schaefer Music Festival. These took place at Wollman Skating Rink and shows were so cheap that they were almost always sold out -- so I and my friends (and loads of other people) would camp out on top of a big rock from which you could get a pretty good view and hear just fine. I usually didn't even know what bands were scheduled when I showed up, and the only groups I can recall struck me at the time as being pretty terrible: Journey, Aztec Two-Step, Heart ... but it was fun anyway.

The first band I purposely went to hear -- and paid to see -- was Roxy Music ... maybe around '74? It was great and Bryan Ferry was super suave....


The Monkees and Weird Al Yankovic. A double billing at Six Flags Great Adventure sometime in the mid-80's, 1985 possibly. I remember teenage girls screaming for Mike Nesmith, who was long gone from the band at that point.


My first rock concert was Weird Al Yankovic too. I saw him at a nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, in 1982. Al was great!

East High

KISS in 1978 from the sixth row! My ears rang for three days.


First concert I remember going to on my own was gonna be Bad Brains at the 9:30 Club in D.C., must have been 1985 when I was 16. But when I got there BB had cancelled and this local band I had never seen called Scream had taken their spot. I was initially extremely bummed to miss BB. Scream was part of my peripheral vision but I didn't really know them. They took a way long time getting to the stage and I was looking at my watch and wondering how I was going to meet my midnight curfew... Finally the band members got up there by one and started this slow kind of atmospheric guitar thing that was kind of spooky and unexpected for what I thought was going to be a hardcore act. Soon everyone was up there save the singer and the riff kept going on and getting louder and I was thinking where's the singer and what's this going to be like? I was basically right at the foot of the stage. At a certain moment someone forces his way violently past me from behind, basically shoving everyone out of his way, climbing around and over people to get up on stage. It was Pete Stahl, the singer, dressed in a leather jacket a white t-shirt and jeans and wild hair. In a very punk-conscious era this basic rock outfit was a bit of a surprise. When he gets up behind the mic he looks out from under the lights like an maniacal animal assessing whether the crowd was going to be able to keep up with the band, sways forward on the mic stand and hawks a throat full of spit high into the crowd, and they launch into the thrashing, unhinged hardcore number 'Who knows? Who cares?' and I was never the same after that. It was truly an 'oh shit' moment that happens a few times in your musical life, part awe, part fear, part disbelief.

Of course they went on to be one of my favorite bands and I saw them many times over the next few years and even went up to Boston to see them when a friend's band played with them up there.

Metal afficianados know Stahl from later acts like Wool and Goatsnake and he is part of the loose Desert Sessions collective. Many people agree he has one of the best rock voices ever and I agree! What I hear of those other bands I like just fine but I'll never forget that first shove, the first loogie, and the awesome and delicious fear of that concert!


Huey Lewis and the News at the Lee Civic Center in Fort Myers, FL, 1985. With my parents. I was ashamed of it for a long time but have since made peace.

Mr Mannn

1st show - Sammy Hagar (Three Lock Box tour)

2nd show - Sammy Hagar (Voice of America tour)

3rd show - Farm Aid 1 (among the performers - Sammy Hagar)

Sammy must have liked playing central Illinois.


The Police Synchronicity tour opening night @ Comiskey Park, Chicago 1983 with special guests: The Fixx, Joan Jett, A Flock Of Seagulls & some guy named Al from Chicago going under the name "Ministry" all the while faking a British accent. I was 14.

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