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December 31, 2008



There is another great version of that song by Granpa Joe. It was re-released on the compi "God (b)less America" somewhen in the 1990s.

Listener Greg G.

Dieter - the "Granpa Joe" record is actually Ferlin Husky's 1954 version. I think the only place it was released under the Granpa Joe name might've been on that particular compilation.


It was just about a year ago that you guys posted Trooper Jim Foster's "4 on the Floor and a 5th under the seat" on the blog. I recently scored his LP-- side one is all spoken word "cowboy" poetry with crack Nashville session musicians providing rhythms, and produced by Scotty Moore-- real killer stuff. (Side two is all his ballads, which are hit or miss.) It also include three 30-second promo spots for when he was running for state legislature.

Listener Greg G.

Illich - I just spun that LP yesterday.....for the first time in forever. I "lost" it then came across it again. Those "Trooper Jim for State Legislature" radio spots are pretty interesting. And you're right about Side 2 being hit or miss.


Funny how a few tracks were given false names on the God Less America LP, I guess it's to hide the bigger known artists identity due to the bootleg nature of the Album, the other example being Sanford Clark's Honky Tonk Fuzz Classic "It's Nothing To Me"

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