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December 05, 2008




Oh yeah. Hi!

Did you name your child after me as I requested?


So that's what that string was tied around my finger for! No, Nat, I totally forgot. And come to think of it, Natalie would have been a great name. I went with Holly instead, though... xoxomm


This high school trio is pretty amazing.


Here's Gaucho doing The Trooper:

Dig lil' Brucia Dickinson!


14 year old shredder -


So has Holly started guitar lessons yet? Or are you thinking drums? I once knew a 6 year old jazz drummer. He'd be a pre-teen by now; wonder how his stick-work is coming.


What is it about this song that drives kids to play it? My 11-year old has been playing guitar for about a year. He loves to visit Sam Ash and try out different instruments, some quite expensive. He always winds up playing Crazy Train, and I go into fits of anxiety, afraid that some staff person is going to rip the guitar out of his hands and say that the store prohibits Crazy Train the way they used to prohibit Stairway to Heaven. I agree with them, because I think the song sucks and I wish it were wiped from our collective memory. But now I see that the kids are drawn to this song like moths to flame. Why why why? is my question.

Al DiMeola

Whats so great about these kids? I could do exactly what they are dong. They aren't so great. They should just quit music now. That first one totally lacks good tone. Sure he's got the notes down, but can he play with good technique? Bet he can't play half as good as me!

Fucking weak.

Robert Hughes

This f$%$&n rocks - small children all over the world should be forced to learn Sabbath .... LMAO!!


12 Yr-Old Kid Covers AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long

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