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December 09, 2008


Brian Turner

yer psychic WM - I just played the Thug 7" a couple weeks ago....

Ray Zinnbrazen

Wm, you are to be thanked profusely for posting this classic record.

I have an old picture of you wearing your Thug T-shirt. Do you still have that thing by any chance?


Ah, the old "Fuck Yr. Dad" t-shirt! RSM also has video of me stripping out of it, in the old Froeberg Hall WFMU main studio. Haven't seen it in years, though it may be in storage somewhere.


HA! I own this record. Love it. Tho I was glad BT tipped me to the Thug/Thug mp3, been lookin for that for ever. Thanks for the downloads.

Bart Furp

This stuff is incredible... I gotta hear their other stuff!!! Seems impossible to find, can you post?

T.J.K. Haywood

In Australia they brought in these "Cane Toads" To eat the Cane Beatles, who were eating the cane crops.
This seemed like a good idea at the time, but, the damn things multiplied by the billions and did not eat any of the pests, but they ate everything else! Their skin is a toxic hallucinogen. They are considered an illegal drug. Snakes and wild dogs that ate them all died. Some people loved them as pets! Their toxins would only excrete if attacked or bitten.
They totally messed up Queensland from 1940 to 1980.
Today they are trying to breed only males (or as they say "Miles" ) genetically in order to exterminate the population. There is a movie about all this, a short documentary called "Cane Toad" an unnatural history".
I watched this and thought that would be a cool name for a band from Australia, The Cane Toads and there probably are bands who already used the name.


I met Lachlan on tour with Lubricated Goat in Portland, Me in '91. They stayed at my place and even though Lachlan was WAY dope sick (we were totally un-hip to the HAIR-on), he was easily one of the nicest, most interesting guys I've ever met.


According to Clinton Walker's 'Stranded', Black Eye was actually founded solely to put out Tex's ridiculous level of output. I heard a rumour that one of Red Eye's stores is apparently closing due to downloading and general economic hardship.

Both Tex and the cane toad live 'round the corner from me now, inland from Byron Bay. Rumours are that Tex's Bumhole Orchestra will be playing next year's Sound Crucible event here.

Thanks for the up. :)


Tex just showed up hosting oz tv's rockwiz What a multimedia dude.

was there

dave's back from outerspace is about peter reads then flatmate, dave, who had some strange beliefs, as in, he believed soap to be poison so he bathed in shampoo. Read drove him crazy but Dave let him live there because he liked the constant stream of hot chicks visiting read... none of which were ever remotely interested in Dave.

If you'd ever met Dave you'd understand.

Thug once dressed him in tinfoil and beer cans and he danced with the band to that song

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