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December 07, 2008



I remember reading about this. It's an interesting idea, but only a few years needed to pass before that sound was basically available through a pedal.


it's like the grandaddy of the Magical Musical Thing. wish i still had mine. much like the orguitar, it was more fun to piddle with than accomplish anything..

fatty jubbo

A friend of mine had something similar to this contraption- although the sounds produced were more of the moog/synth variety. It was a ramshackle behemoth, almost looked homemade. It was great.


love the 1st guitar guy's technique, early edward van rhodes. that Vox is huge & thick, is the headstock hollow? i've got questions, alas, not a panelist


For those interested, I have one of those.

Info on [email protected]


Nice to see Dick Denney appear about halfway through this, I don't think I've ever seen this mad genius before!


Fantastic ! A piece of history from the uk. I have an original Vox Phantom the same shape, but less controls !! Lovejoy

Oran Routh

I want one, and am getting nothing back from einar1979...let me know if you have one at [email protected], I don't know what I'm looking at price-wise, but love the idea even if it's not practical. I'd love to own one of these, even if it's no longer functional...look forward to hearing from someone, thanks!

Guitar Cad 59

Oran, there are two listed for sale on One is $4500, the other is in France:

Michael Drake

A great piece, I have never seen this played properly, yet I have one hanging on my office wall as a mark of respect to the sheer inventiveness of that era.

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