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December 11, 2008



I want a bodyguard by the name of "Big Dick".

Big Andy

I have a copy of the soundtrack album to the film of Carch My Soul, this is one of the few places I've actually seen it mentioned. I didn't know that Jerry Lee had been involved with it in any way, it would have been great to see him in the film and have him on the album.

Captain Zorikh

I knew about Jerry's appearance in the play from the bio boolklet included in a "Greatest Hits" album from the 1980's, and had always wondered if there was any recording of it, visual or audie. how can I get a copy of these recordings? The sound quality is wonderful and as a student of the classics and a fan of the Killer and Rockabilly in general, I would love to see, or at least hear the whole thing.

And one of these days I will finish my rockabily musical "Spartacats," that re-interprets the birth of Rock & Roll as the story of Spartacus.

Resident Clinton

Wish I could point you towards more, but these two recordings are all I've been able to find - from a JLL bootleg called The Killer's Private Stash. There may be a full recording somewhere (these tracks were actually from a taped rehearsal), but I have not heard any mention of any film footage existing. You should, however, track down a copy of Robert Sawyer's paper on the play - more about that here.

Robert Sawyer

I'll be glad to send a PDF of the Jerry Lee Lewis essay "A Whole Lot of Shakespeare Goin On" to you if you'll provide me with the best contact info.


c'mon, man? you gotta be kidding


I was hoping to read that there was an official release of Jerry Lee's Catch My Soul recordings - the two posted here are brilliant, but maybe that's due to the rehearsal nature of the session. Thanks for sharing!

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