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January 08, 2009



that hot lava track is the most infectious track i've heard in years!!

Port Seventeen

Am very excited to see The Church discussed. Went there with my brother a few weeks ago, and the energy was very good. Especially enjoyable was seeing SKOAL KODIAK , a group out of Minneapolis. I've never seen someone play a Clorox bottle so well.

Andrew Necci

At one point Bryan of Narwhalz had a side project called Google Earth that was Narwhalz plus four drummers. There are youtube videos if you are interested.

Also: this is just the tip of the iceberg. Richmond has at least two dozen more active bands that are totally awesome. Maybe I'm biased because I live here, but I think it's easily the best music scene on the East Coast.


why didn't you mention the amoeba men, or the now defunct hallelujah?


Both great bands from the coolest label in RVA...

mary claire

mad props for this en serio. but is Richmond really unexpected? Come on, you knew we were cool...

Helllloooo, GWAR?

mary claire
music director, wrir-lp 97.3fm


Amazingly, some people don't and I'd like to keep it that way...

Silver Persinger

For a crapload of FREE MP3's of The Bermuda Triangles and Diamond Black Hearted Boy, as well as Hot Lava and many other great Richmond bands and a decent representation of Brooklyn, NY bands and many more bands' ENTIRE RECORDED SETS, check this link. Another one of my recent favorites is Hail Hydra.


Just super music from the greatest label in RVA!

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