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January 12, 2009



I agree that Iowa food is terrible but we (some of us anyway) do know how to barbecue.
-Eric (an Iowan)


'colonial hash' is that which can be extracted from the hemp paper the US Constitution was written on; natch.

Mickey Mephistopheles

BBQ and pecan pie. Yum!

Here on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in western New York State, the regional flavor is chicken wings, Zweigle's white hot dogs, and something called a garbage plate. It's 2 hot dogs or 2 hamburger patties, with or without cheese, topped with diced onions, mustard and a special meat based hot sauce (Google Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate for details), served with Italian bread, macaroni salad, home fries, and/or baked beans. Genny Cream Ale optional.

(Am interested in your regional favorites; chime in!)


By all means, enjoy BBQ from SC vendors -- and congratulations for discovering the sensation of mustard-based BBQ.

But please please please -- do NOT give Maurice Bessinger your business. EVER. Maurice B. is an unrepentant, unreconstructed white supremacist and apologist for slavery. Not in the slimy backdoor "heritage" way -- but up front. Apparently he uses the code only with Yankee dupes like you who at a distance think it's sort of cute.

So just say no. It doesn't matter how good the food is.

There are two other Bessinger bros. who are just as good as Maurice, but who are not racists (they have publicly denounced Maurice). Get your friend to send you something from MELVIN rather than Maurice. I believe Melvin's will even ship their sauces. But I haven't checked. I have the luxury of having Melvin's just a short drive away from my house in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

(I lived for a decade in Iowa City, so I'm more Iowan than South Carolinian. I don't miss the winters or the bad food at all.)

Bronwyn's friend

I deliberately chose Maurice's over Melvin's and Bessinger's. You see, I'm also an unrepentant, unreconstructed white supremacist and apologist for slavery, from way back.

Jeff in San Diego

Your link to Maurice's web site is broken ... you omitted the period between "www" and the domain name.


I love BBQ too. You can get Curley's in stores around here and while it may not be as good as fresh cooked, it's better than Lloyd's (tastes of vinegar) which you can also get in stores around here. (Both come from MN I think, hardly known for it's BBQ but better than ME BBQ...) Nice and chunky, most of the time, and it has a good sauce (hickory-smoked, probably artificial) though I stay away from the spicy versions. They have chicken, pork and beef. (I never eat the beef.) When I have it, I eat it everyday. (I see that Jack Daniel's has some BBQ products out there too. Haven't tried them yet.)

rusty beltway

Only an unrepentant, unreconstructed white supremacist would believe the illusion that White People can fix good BBQ.


Thanks for the post, good QUE and good music go hand in hand...my favorite is on Johns Island...S.C. at J.B.'s Smoke Shack


Maurice's to Southern BBQ is like an Outback Steakhouse (ref: your bowl game) next to Peter Luger's. You simply can do a whole lot better.

Try Bub Sweatman's in Holly Hill, SC. Or, the other places mentioned in previous posts, which were much stronger. Most locals find that Maurice's has little complexity; it's like French's mustard poured over a pork chop. There is a harshness to the mustard that fights against the pork, no subtlety. Plus, they use gas to "smoke" it, rather than a true wood fire.

A 'hash" is a side item that's derivative of the pork renderings. It's pretty much the unmentionable parts of the pig cooked down with a lot of the sauce. Ladle it over white rice.

Hopefully in the gift pack at least you got some of the home made pork rinds. I used to not be able to stand pork rinds... it's a little eye opening in the carolinas to have a pork rind handed to you that still seems to have a little fur on it?!

Bronwyn's friend

Believe it or not, I ate lunch at Sweatman's just yesterday. My only quibbles with Sweatman's are (1) I've had better sweet tea, and (2) the lack of side dishes on the buffet--but if barbecue, hash, rice and bread are all you want, Sweatman's isn't bad. I prefer his pre-sauced to his dry pork.

I'm not one of them, but a lot of people around Columbia like Maurice's barbecue better than any other, as do some local experts. Witness http://tinyurl.com/8rn7hm.

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