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January 09, 2009



I've been bummed out for years because I cannot find the old tapes I used to make as a pizza delivery driver... I'd get so bored I'd make these nonsensical songs and whatever else... the prize (to me) being a song improvised over an instrumental playing on NPR called "3000 things in my stomach" and another, untitled about just how white I am...

sorely miss those.

Listener James from Westwood

Somewhere in the recesses of my room at my parents' house, there may lie buried a cassette tape I made, sometime during high school, of a fake radio ad for a record of "The Elephant Man's Greatest Hits." Basically me doing the fake announcer voice intro'ing segments of a bad John-Hurt-as-John-Merrick imitation singing the classics. With this record, said the announcer, if you ordered within 24 hours, you also got "Lou Ferrigno's Greatest Hits," from which I sang, in the manner of a deaf person, Lou covering "Summer of '69." (My high school years encompassed the Bryan Adams lumberjack shirt craze.)

Also on that tape — and this will be bloody obscure to anyone not familiar with 1980s NYC politics — was an ad I did for the "Donald Manes Home Aztec Sacrifice Kit." Yeah, you can scroll to the end of the Wiki for that explanation, I'll just back away now.

All I can say is I was one incredibly tasteless, but strangely well-informed, teenager.


When I was a kid all my friends and I loved to make up our own TV show takeoffs using a tape recorder. My older brother taught me how to use the machine: his favorite was to burp into the microphone and then enjoy listening to the playback.

I also taped my parakeets chirping - they chirped like crazy listening to themselves on the tape.


"Vicki Bennett & Pearl Frost - Venus and Mars/Rock Show - 1977" not found...

fatty jubbo

I posted this bit a few years ago:
it's me doing vulgar comedy routines and reading heavy metal lyrics pronouncing fetish "feetish". My friends and I were also obsessed with Malcolm Jamal Warner for some reason- we would leave random messages on people's answering machines about how MJW controls their lives...there is a bit of that on here as well.

On the same tape I have some early tape cut-ups using the pause button on my boom box- I should get around to digitizing it because the tape (a low quality radio-shack data cassette) is rapidly deteriorating.


yea webcors and old tape recorders any thing that goes back 20/to 40 years is ripe for transfer..hurry up and transfer that stuff to digital before the poles shift and all your tapes will only play backwards..all kidding aside..i find early home recordings to be me theres A sneaky group of people looking for this kinda audio aroitica..ah the shy voice's one hears..

Vicki Bennett

indeed - the link for us singing "Rock Show" by Paul McCartney and Wings needs fixing. In the meantime, here it is!

wittler youth

Yep..having over a thousand cassette tapes..who has time to listen to even a fraction of them if even that..and most of them party tapes and interviews //bands//shows/but it seems the most feeble format man has come up with is cyber-space/ power outage..and bingo..there go's all yer shit..hey my 78's will still play with out juce..just wind up the old victrola...cant waite to hear a 75 year old c.d...shit cant wait to hear a 100 year old shit to digital is geo-magnetic storm and poof! ists all gone.

carole anderman

In the 1940's I grew up using a home record recorder to record many of our family"s talent on piano and singing. We used to cut records and then play them back. I am looking for a way to hear these records(probably made out of tin). Any suggestions/? Please contact [email protected]. Thanks Carole

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