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January 22, 2009





Wow. It just never lets up... Every time you think the joke's over- BAM! More genius!


Another one of the secret pleasures of this video is its default YouTube screenshot. Every time I glance at it, for some reason I see a slightly menacing gorilla. When it is only, of course, two finely coiffed Canadian heads locked in a sunset embrace.


My eyes hurt.

Brian C.

More Genius. Indeed. I thought the visible boom mics in the shots (1:46-2:00) was funny, but that's nuthin!


Awesome! I need this song

Listener Rick

It is indeed some kind of perfect '80s apotheosis. I need that keytar.


they aren't really boom mics, and they are supposed to be there--if you think about it, why would they be recording sound for the video? they aren't--it's supposed to look like the song is being recorded on the beach. but it's so clumsily done that it does register as a mistake...


I believe this was shot at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I went there few times as a kid in the 80's. I very well could have been there on the day this video was shot...a brush with greatness.


this is almost as good as Sondra Prill

maybe a mashup is in order...:)


Not perfect! I see no designer jeans, nor Members Only jackets. But very good, every other trope is in attendance.


Alfred Molina in "Boogie Nights."

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