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January 08, 2009


I don't dream of Pseu Braun. But I do dream of Bronwyn C.

I once had a Pseu Braun dream. She was doing and saying horrible things to me. It was awesome.

Listener Maurice

Happy as a gamecock, my ass.


I dream of Pseu & Bronwyn. In the dream they call me "Tiger."

Pseu Braun

Thanks, Maurice - I'll see you...later.

I woke up this morning, or at least *thought* I woke up. I drove an hour to work, unlocked my door and logged onto Beware of The Blog. Bronwyn had posted. I love her posts, but this one was weird, like some sort of inside joke designed to really alienate the readership...Jeez, she was posting about ME, in some sort of sexually repressed breakfast scenario involving The Dutch, a psoriatic dog and me acting fucking happy. My bladder felt full so I woke up, powdered drool on my forearm and decided that maybe in the future I'll only address Bronwyn with a measured "hey" and be on my way next time we cross paths.


Maybe they were Walloons

Janey Yonkers

Sometimes a Flem is just a Flem.


i had a dream that pseu was doing and saying horrible things to me too.

Kelly Jones

A dog named Nipple? Genius. Then you could call your dog while on-air and say "Nipple, come!" and not get in trouble with the FCC.

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