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January 14, 2009


Ernie (Not Bert)

The discogs at BSN Pubs put this one at 1967, so you're close.

Thanks for sharing all of these. They've been great.

Hear It Wow

Thanks for the info on the date. At last we've got one for a J's with Jamie album.

It's interesting that the packaged "oldies" sound goes back that far, as I'd always thought of it as a '70s invention for the older listeners who were frightened by what was playing on FM radio. Then again, plenty of people were scared by The Beatles in the early '60s.


Finally Don Costa gets his due -- thwarting Bono's evil plan to relegate him to obscurity (as if burying his name in pretentious prose wouldn't have been enough).

Check out the correction at the bottom. Yeah -- screw you Bono.


Great! Fantastic! Thanks, Ron


@ greg: I was excited to read Bono's op-ed until I actually started reading it. Too much alliteration, too much -- blech!


Awesome! Thanks so much


Jamie is my mom!

Dan Nowicki

This LP was spotlighted in the July 15, 1967, issue of Billboard.

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