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January 07, 2009



Can but agree to the above. Apart from "Lover and His Lass" and "This is all I ask" this is a remarkably stale recording. And the Beatles covers are the worst of the bunch...

But, then again, that was what the old folks back then wanted to hear!


Great. What a fantastic voices. There seems to be other albums on ABC. Hope to see them at WFMU. Thank you very much.

Burt Burdeen

Jamie and The J's. Based out of Chicago. Made many local radio and tv appearances. I got them to make a brief jingle for me when I was programming the Chess FM station in Chicago, WSDM....the station with the girls and all that jazz......
Great sounding group. I have to find some of the other albums in my collection.

Jana Silvia

you misspelled "Silvia"

that's my mom.

Jana Silvia

Message from Jamie (my mom): It was Columbia, not Capitol Records. 1966 is correct. Jamie agrees with comments about comparison of Columbia and ABC albums. She's grateful for continued interest in her music!

Dan Nowicki

This LP was advertised in the Aug. 20, 1966, issue of Billboard.


Thanks for this information! Our 4th grade chorus sang "Lover and His Lass" in 1969 or so, and we used this album as a reference to learn the lyrics and arrangement. I've been trying to track it down for a while...

Bill Clausen

To Jane Silvia: I decided to google "Jamie and the J's" and this came up. Long into short, if you get this post, or if any of you have contact with Jane, I am Marty Clausen's son (he's still alive and well). Long into short, we moved to Santa Barbara and lived there from 1973-2005. Totally unknown to us, your Dad moved there too and I got to know him having no idea that he and my dad worked together in Chicago. One night my dad came to my work to drop off dinner and your dad ran out and yelled "Marty Clausen?!" Your dad and mine renewed their friendship until your dad passed away. We had a lot of good times with your dad after that and he is missed by many in Santa Barbara. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 805-698-2031. -Bill-


I found this at a thrift store. I thought it was one of the previous posts (the one with dear heart, what now my love, sleep away). This was still nice though.


Jess Cain at WHDH, Boston, whose morning show shall forever reign, played "Lover and his Lass" (words by Shakespeare, duh) and I had it on a tape, un-ID'd. I had to find it, and years later, I did. I'm glad to hear someone's 4th grade took the trouble to learn it. It's a hit, in my heart at least.

Tony Puleo

Jana Tell your mom that over the years those LPs as they used to be called gave me great pleasure and whenever I think I singing "the Days of wine and Roses I hear the arrangment in my head." I also loved "Nature Boy" perhaps my favorite of all songs. For it brings us the simplest message but it is one the world needs to hear time after time.
Tony Puleo

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