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January 07, 2009



According to Elvis & Me, the King once took LSD and spent hours on the roof of Graceland, talking to angels.


Fun Fact: I once had a dream that I was auditioning for the role of Elvis and actually kicked my wife right in the ass while I slept next to her. Woke us up, tho......


I read that Scatter was banished to a cage in Elvis' back yard, and eventually died of exposure (read: froze to death). Charming.

Krys O.

That's mostly Red West in that footage that Elvis is knockin' down. Somewhere there's a pic of Bob Moore doing the karate with EP.

Greg G.

"He had his first taste of the chop-socky in boot camp and would excitedly expound on its history and meaning to anyone who was forced to gamely listen. Karate's teachings and theatrics complimented his superhero obsession nicely and he devoured books on the subject. Elvis' voracious appetite for knowledge was matched only by his voracious appetite."

Now that's some well-crafted prose! Great stuff, Dave.


I started reading Rock bios at a fairly young age. True or not, I was particularly scandalized by Albert Goldman's Elvis book. There was a passage about E soaking cotton balls in liquid pharmaceutical cocaine and then sticking them in his nose, or something like that. I had already read about the Beatles smoking pot and taking LSD, but for a child of 9 or 10, Elvis' drug-taking was just plain WEIRD! Anyway, Elvis, being who he was, probably attained his black belt faster than anyone else in the history of martial arts...not because he was a quick study or a particularly hard worker, but rather because NOBODY was gonna deny him ANYTHING he might have wanted. We all know about his meeting with Nixon, for instance. Same thing.


want to see real karate? Try this link:

Martial art schools

I'm the worlds biggest elvis fan.....but come on....this aint karate, folks. this is a demonsration of what a posse of kiss ass mo'fuckers can do to someones head...elvis, i love you man...but you aint no karate man.

Sal the BJJ guy

Now we know why MMA fighter Nino Schembri loves Elvis so much! LOL!

Las Vegas Guy

Just for fun... proof that Elvis is alive: << The link is to a Photograph... not spam.

Sensei Alex Buxton

I went to Graceland - not as big as I thought it would be . . .

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