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January 22, 2009



Does chooglin' have anything to do with sitting on your ass in front of a computer? Because if so then I'm 24/7!


Commanche by Link Wray and the Wraymen -- proto-chuggle?

jeffrey johnson

please note that the poster image featuring a hippy riding a motorbike is actually a poster promoting the Minneapolis rock and roll combo named Chooglin'. Check them out, they are phenomonal.


Why hasn't anyone simply asked John Fogerty what the word means??? Everyone acknowledges he coined the word. I just wasted a bunch of time reading all this speculation and discussion and still no real definitive answer. The only person that can provide that is John Fogerty and all the analysis and discussion is a ridiculous waste of energy and time.

Dave oneal

I just got it, keep on chooglin was John Fogertys response to the"dead's" keep on trucking, truck vs. train, keep on chooglin, get it?

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