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January 14, 2009


Jonathan Wall

When I was in the city over the summer I bought a CD-R from Abdul Zahir Batin in Greenwich Village. I looked him up that night online and saw that he had played with Archie Shepp on There's a Trumpet in My Soul, and then happened to find it the very next day at one of the Brooklyn Record Riot sale. I later found out that he played with Sunny Murray on one of his albums as well (Apple Cores, I think)-- I'd be willing to guess that he's tied in with Giuseppi Logan as well. Great story, sorry to hear about his grandson.


You know, that boy in the video above, earned seven platinum albums working with the likes of Bobby Brown and MC Hammer. Producer Jay Logan.

Scott McDowell

Great post, Doug.


I can see where the lionizing may come from. Logan is a compelling player and story. The second video is pretty difficult to watch, though. The preacher-man's condescension is hard to take. Ah well, I hope they got him the clothes or whatever he needed.

Rev.Bryan Sale

Here's hoping Bernard/ESP-Disk will record and release the concert on the 17th to help support Giuseppi. He sounds in great form. I'd love to help support him and hear more of his playing. His 1st for ESP has been a favorite for a long time now. I still love to listen to Bleeker Partita on snowy afternoons.


I just hope someone does a 'real' interview with giuseppi about his life and music and posts it on the web somewhere. what a player. incredible imagination.


Good lord, I checked into that preacher interviewing Giuseppi; not only is GL being shamefully exploited by a religious nut, it's an antisemitic religious nut to boot (its one of those "churches" that spends a good deal of time trying to "save" "the Jews"). Uck.

The Photodiarist

I just saw him today in Tompkins Square Park and took a bunch of photos of him.

Suzannah B. Troy

I got an email from Giuseppie Logan's son's friend that says as soon as possible his son wants a reunion here in NYC and hopes to record with him. I don't have your email anymore Doug or I would have forwarded it to you. Apparently his son and friend have been following the progression of my YouTubes on GL.
For those who do not know all my YouTubes including those on GL were banned from YouTube for 28 hours. Norman Siegel the famed civil rights lawyer represented me as well as courageous good souls that wrote YouTube and Google on my behalf. All my work was returned to me and I got an apology. Thanks to Norman Siegel and the good souls that wrote letters to Google YouTube for me or you would not be seeing my work on Gl including the YouTube of mine posted on this site.
Suzannah B. Troy, artist NYC

Fernando Gelbard

I cherish Giuseppi Logan's music, because his first album with Milford Graves, Don Pullen and Eddie Gomez was my first encounter with avant-garde jazz. It was different from all the other musicians I was listening to, Miles, Clifford, Coltrane, but still caused a big impression. I hope he is well and records again.
Fernando Gelbard

Roy M

Sorry to say this, but you need to pity Giuseppi Logan to listen to him, because whatever potential he may have had is long gone from his lips. The man today plays the same snippets of old standard over and over again for spare change in the park. His sound gets weaker and weaker throughout the day. Which is unfortunate, because he'll start at 8 AM and put in a good 6 hours of bleating garbage.
When it is intolerable, he'll take 5 dollars to go away. But the moms at the playground are soft targets, and he'll return to his favorite spot soon enough.

Please, please, please, any of the 20 or so afficiado who truly appreciate his genius: Come to Tompkins Sqare park, put him in a cab, take him back to your house, give him breakfast and put him in front of your house for the day. We've been too blessed by his talent for too long. Oh, and he likes to urinate in public, so give your neighbors a heads up...


I think I saw him play in the tunnel near the Audubon boathouse in Prospect Park on Sunday. Beautiful playing, looked at him, wondered who he was and then saw this. Watched the video clip and definitely think it was him.

why don't you guys go to the tompkins park and help him with food,money,clothes etc. I don't understand why you guys talk so nice about him etc. would be better if all of you help him with real things like food,money,clothes etc. not with nice words...i do help him every days i go to the park i give him money and sometimes stop typing nice words here and go in person to the park hes there every day's!

Roy M

Kind people are giving Guiseppe money, which is nice, but he's obviously discovered that 4 bars of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" result in more donations than anything else in his repetoire. I don't blame him for playing whatever drivel it takes to make his lodging money in the shortest period of time. I blame the tourists and fake hipsters. What did Mencken say about underestimating the intelligence of the American public?

So the residents of the east village, hearing the same 4 bars of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, can only hope that Giuseppe dies soon, goes to hell, and has to listen to his own beggar-muzak for eternity.

Tapani Rauha

This is one way to help him:

Tapani Rauha

Also read the New York Times article:

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