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January 04, 2009



It's too bad W.C. Fields wasn't around for this type of treatment. That's kind of what this reminds me of, a comedy routine put to the soundtrack from "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini."


hey to be more technical, Chad Allen and the Expressions ARE the Guess Who

Rory Murray

This is a hoot! "Light My Fire" was featured on the Rhino compilation called "Golden Throats". The lyric about a "funeral pyre" was changed, due to Ms. West's avanced age.
She lived at the same apartment in Hollywood for over 50 years until hre death.
Happy New Year, Ya Pukes!

Listener Kliph

Well, that was the technicality.


Later that year, Mae decided to tackle the Christmas genre with her album "Wild Christmas":

R. Mark Desjardins

According to musician and producer Ian Whitcomb, Mae West had a blast recording this album. However, the Supremes didn't have to worry about any serious threat from Ms West. According to Ian, when Mae first heard the lyrics to "Light My Fire" she asked about the song writer. When told it was written by the Doors, she stated, "that's one door that should be shut!"
I have been researching Mae's private life with her Los Angeles posse who frequented her Ravenswood Apartment lair during the last twenty years of her life and I hope to have my manuscript entitled "In Search Of Mae West" published in the near future.

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