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January 20, 2009


Brian Haselden

The Roasted Beet recipe is actually more unusual and interesting to me. What ethnicity does this come from? Eating it would make me feel a little closer to you and Dwight Shrute ;)

I do like the vermouth tweak and will try it.


Nice to see so good informations. Very good blog.


yet another reason to love this blog. Now i know what to make for dinner tomorrow.

Chris Acklin

I adapted the Oliver recipe by reducing the fat by about a 1/3, but used a really good homemade stock, a high quality parmesan and a mix of "wild" mushrooms. I agree it's perfect comfort food--and a great choice to impress a date.


I don't know the ethnic origin of roasted beet risotto. I don't imagine it is a traditional food, so to speak. And yes Chris I also cut back the butter and it was still great! Glad to see you all enjoying this recipe as much as I do.


This winter our comfort food has been bean soup made from those bags of mixed beans by Goya (or my favorite, 'Jack Rabbit' brand). Done up with some chopped onion, garlic, tomato and smoked ham hocks or turkey necks in the crock pot, you've got a weeks worth of lunches for two covered.

LORD Summerisle

Jamie Oliver and his book Naked also introduced me to the wonderful world of risotto. It is a wonderful staple in our house. A good chicken/ vegetable broth and some good parm is all one needs ( shallots also help).


On your recommendation, I made version of this for dinner night before last and it was delish. My child, as you know, is allergic to parsley.

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