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January 19, 2009



I grew up in Corpus Christi, and we had those all over the place. I'll never forget the day we went outside for Life Science to finish our insect collections. The stoner kid who had given me a black eye only a week earlier decided to set a paper towel dispenser on fire in one of the bathrooms, burning my school halfway to the ground. The students were forced to stand around outside for hours on end, and so me and my buddies decided to explore one of the tunnels under the freeway, which ended up being a series of interconnected tunnels. It was so much like "The Goonies," it's scary.

rusty beltway

Back in the 70's I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town that had a "shit creek" (pronounced shit crick) running under one of the streets. It was a little creek that flowed into town and back out. At the end of town there was a bridge. As yound kids we would throw rocks at the turds that floated by.


As a young kid I was digging around behind the house and noticed that the ground gave way in one spot, so I dug until I unearthed a drywell 15-20 feet deep lined with chunks of the local sandstone, no mortar. Fortunately the landlord also had kids and remedied this accident waiting to happen quickly. A few yards from this was that rectangular cap to what was either another well or a fruit cellar that may have preceded the construction of the house (i.e. pretty damn old). I found a large egg-shaped stone and pounded away at the heavy slate slab on and off for a few weeks. Each strike of the stone produced a satisfying echo from beneath. Unbeknownst to me the hammering resounded in the basement of the house and when my mom heard it while doing laundry she asked me to refrain. This was not before she arranged for my younger brother to demonstrate the sound while I stood in the basement.

DJ Bayern

Very interesting post.... greetings from Munich/Germany

fatty jubbo

another brilliant post, mark.

I didn't have any storm drains to roam around in but I did have the woods and its many mysteries...fenced off radioactive areas (my town processed uranium up till the 60s), weird hillbilly families that lived on the land of an old abandoned nursery, weird junk washing downstream from the rarinton, mysterious relics left from an older generation of burnout kids... killing time in the dumps and woods until you can get the fuck out.

this google maps thing freaks me out. I haven't been home in ten years and it's bizarre that I can virtually walk down the streets.


What is it about cultural mutants and underground tunnels? I'd have given a testicle for that extensive tunnel system you describe! As it was, our north eastern town had good drainage and what was there was a typical storm drain; perhaps 3 feet in diameter at the greatest. Undeterred, we lay belly down on skateboards and _crawled_ though the system. But it was only a few 1000 feet long (the pipes didn't connect up to form a system), so after a week or so it got boring and we moved on. I think I still have the map I made. I loved your classic kid fuckup of exploring the storm drains without concern for the weather. As they say, adventure is just another word for bad planning...

dj münchen

Very interesting- i`ll show it to my partners


Awesome! I'm older than you were when you got started - 26 now at the moment to be exact. Been waiting for the weather to get a bit nicer before i give it a shot. Loved reading this.

DJ Hochzeit Mannheim

Very interesting post.... greetings from Heidelberg/Germany

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