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January 21, 2009


Sister Hairy Hymen

Damn they pretty much sound like a very bad punk rock band. Psychedelic I don't hear it. They are just awful.

Jerry Solomon

Most shut-ins that listen to and support fourth rate goregrind and post graphics of anime chicks with tassels on their titties don't often get much. The rest of us will enjoy it while you are off strangling neighboorhood cats and having Red Sonja rape fantasies about your mail lady.

Stephen David Heitkotter

wow, hairy hymen your "heroin" show looks so hardcore: james taylor, the eagles, the beatles, pink floyd, red hot chili peppers, U2!!!!

all hail the prince of darkness!

David Welsh

Why all of this fucking drama? It's a free country. Each and every one of us are free to achieve the inner pond scum within us. This guy is just ahead of the curve. He should be commended for his
commitment to low sperm counts and high glycemic indexes. If
only I had his dedication...

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