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January 11, 2009


Mike H

I loved his movies, and his enthusiasm. Very entertaining and wacky stuff!

I'll keep watching 'em Ray! Thanks a lot!

Holland Oats

bbc's excellent 'incredibly strange film show' profiled him circa late '80s - host jonathan ross even ended up in one of steckler's films

Chris Acklin

I really like Ray's films. "The Incredibly Strange Creatures..." made a huge impression on my hungry adolescent mind.

Part of Ray's 'Incredibly Strange Films' ep was shot at an LA Steckler film fest sponsored by Hollywood Book and Poster in 1989. Ray was apparently impressed by my enthusiasm for his films--especially 'The Thrill Killers', which I saw (and loved) for the first time that night--and we kept in touch for a couple of years thereafter. Ray was a warm and generous guy and a unique--and I mean that as a compliment--filmmaker. I'm going to miss him.

Steven F. Scharff

I attended his funeral in Las Vegas. It was a very moving experience and there were many present to say their farewells, including one young man who wore a t-shirt with a reproduction of the poster for "Incredibly Strange Creatures" on the front. For those who wish to do so, there is an entry for him at where you can leave virtual flowers and express a few words in his memory.

Thank you, Ray, not only for the quirky films, but for serving the US Army in Korea, for being a loving husband, father and grandfather, and for encouraging generations of young film-makers to simply pick up a camera and start shooting.

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