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January 28, 2009


Doug Schulkind

A few helpful words about the downloads:
Follow the links provided to blog pages offering the downloads. Look for the download link on the page. (Occasionally, the link is listed in the Comments section. Also, if the original download link is no longer active, check further down in the string of comments; a new download link may be posted there.)

Some downloads deposit a folder on your desktop; others leave an rar. file, which needs to be opened using special software. This software is FREE and available online. (If you use a Mac, I highly recommend UnRarx.)

Some blogs provide passwords, which then must be entered when opening the rar. file. The password is typically listed right next to the original download link.

Be sure to search the archived pages at each individual blogs to find more musical gems. Also, check the blog rolls at each blog for leads to other great blogs.

Searching for a specific artist or album? Use Google's BlogSearch or try Captain Crawl.

john mick

I hate you for this post. I already have a laundry list of great sites that I check daily, and now I have a dozen more. Thanks a lot. This should just about complete my wife's grounds for divorce. I'm so overstuffed, that sometimes I'm actually happier when something that I've downloaded is terrible and I can throw it away -- and none of your selections are terrible. You suck.

Doug Schulkind

I suggest you consider using Google Reader for managing your blog visitations. It won't reduce the hours of downloading (I currently have more than 500 items queued up ready to go), but it does put everything in one central location.

Jason Sigal

Wow Doug, this series is going to be great!!


Doug, thanks, these are great. Rare Kimio Mizutani, I am so there! There are at least 2-dozen music blogs I already keep tabs on, but these that you've posted are all new to me.

Dan Bodah

Thanks a lot Doug -- very glad you're doing this for those of us with crazy-hours straight jobs who don't have much time for blogmining


Does anybody know how to DL the Fela tracks? They appear to be streaming only.

Doug Schulkind

Try disabling the JavaScript on you browser, then try it again.

Doug S.




I'm right with you man, my bookmark's folder, and it's sub-folders, are all filled up with great music that is just waiting to be mined. Nice work too.

EC Brown

For those interested in vintage/psych folk, but value your free time and your spouse, don't go here:

Especially don't go digging through the 11 Kazuki Tomokawa entries.


Nikkos, Doug: the Fela tracks are streaming only. None of the audio content on African Music Treasures (Voice of America is not the name of the blog) is downloadable.


Pick up the track name in source and add to the base URL?



The Fela tracks appear to be downloadable after all. I suck.

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