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January 21, 2009


Giant Pygmy

Er ... yeah ... here's the link:
"Inaugural Poem (This National Grievance)"


Giant Pygmy

Oops, here the link for:
"Inaugural Poem (This National Grievance)"



Wish I'd known about this sooner. Oh well.

A Side of Ham is Love


Well, I figured I would throw my hat in too soo.......

Babs Toyfish

Overkill maybe but here's a Part II.

Reconsider / A Widening Pool of Light

Babs Toyfish

Tommy Mackay

I've sent mine in ('Everybody's Heard About The Word')and also made a video here:


Here's my contribution, with apology to Alvin Lucier:


inaugurgital putrotry ep featuring the hit single "make love"
(if not there, then it'll be here)



Wait a minute - the whole stinkin enchilada in a minute

Someone is trying to make music somewhere


I did mail these via sendit, but because I'm not sure I got the email address right, and because I'm a natural worrier, I put them here also:

I very much like Jonathan Wall's version, by the way.

Mike Flugennock

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think that woman needs to get together with the J&H Productions guy.

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