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January 10, 2009



Did it get better? I deleted it from the GE podcast after the first five minutes of ultra-stale "Where are you from?" jokes. It was utterly painful.

Jonathan Steinke

Extremely funny in that "didn't see it coming" way.

Chris Waterman

I played with Barbutti in Seattle a couple of times in the late 1980s. Very funny, a quintessential musician's comedian. I recommend his version of "Tenderly," rendered on the broom, available on YouTube.


Produced Pete's Place. The late Pete Barbutti is the warmest, funniest man on the flat side of the earth. He's not dead, he just hasn't contacted me in 30 years.

Ron Davis

I flew home from Vegas and since I was flying at midnight the airlines put me in first class sitting next to Pete. I had a personal comedy improve all the way to Denver. He told me about the time that Louis Armstrong was coming thru the airport with a few drugs. Just about the time he got to the inspection table, a side door opened and Richard Nixon stepped out and ask Louis to come with him, thus bypassing the inspection all together. It was a memorable flight.Around 1982-83.....

Ron Davis

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